ESTone.tex System materials, mortars, additives, water-repellent, pigmentation, meshes and other products such as release agents, lime gel, bonding bridges, detergent cleaners, etc. Suitable for all kinds of themed and highly decorated works, such as vertical themed works, continuous cladding, themed aquariums and waterfalls or EPS stone and rock reproduction.

Here they include all the necessary materials to carry out works from beginning to end of work in theming, restoration and theming in EPS. In addition to being high quality materials, they are easy to apply, and there are products adapted for all types of work.

For facade and warehouse cladding work, the txt ESTone.tex Expanded mortar, which can be applied very easily and is suitable for both exteriors and interiors.

In Restoration of Historical Heritage and rehabilitation of facades, ESTone.tex Restaura thixotropic mortar, thanks to its composition, can be applied on top of natural stone.

For aquariums and waterfalls, the ESTone.tex Extreme themed mortar is a state-of-the-art mortar that is super resistant to chlorine and salt water wear.

And when working in EPS, the thin-layer mortar for ESTone.tex-ForteMix polystyrene offers ideal features to perform thematizations on polystyrene of any density.

There are two options for pigmentation materials, with EST-26 Multilite or EST-Monocrom mineral silicate and with EST-Multipol nano acrylate glazes. In addition, there are the EST-Decor powder patinas, a unique product that helps to achieve unique textures and patinas on the market.

In the case of ESTone.tex Restaura and ESTone.tex Extreme thixotropic mortars, they must be added with the EST-26 Multilite mineral silicate, to provide greater hardness and workability. And for the ESTone.tex-ForteMix, the EST-19 polyurethane acrylic resin gives the mortar great hardness.

The water-repellent ones adapt to the needs of the job, for theming and decoration works the EST-3 Plus, for restoration of historical heritage the EST-7, for cementitious bases the EST-7 Nano Tane and as a consolidant for mineral bases EST-Multilitio.

A very important product that must always be applied in all types of work is the mesh, to avoid cracks and problems with contractions. That is why we have anti-fissure meshes and plastic meshes.

And other complementary products, such as bonding bridges, release agents, lime gel, epoxy primers and detergent cleaner, etc.

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