Pigmentation of mortar and mineral bases in theming work

Pigmentation, within the ESTone.tex System we find several ways to pigment, and that combining them offer a totally mineral and realistic range of colors. There is no other system in the world that offers this type of product, one of the great advantages of applying the ESTone.tex System. With these products you can pigment all kinds of themes and works done on mineral bases.

The powder patinas offer unique color and texture finishes, in addition to being able to combine with each other, they are very easy to apply and resistant to wear. But they have to be applied with the wet surface for a correct anchorage.

Mixol dye mineral pigments, combined with EST-26 Multilite, EST-Monocrom mineral silicate or EST-Multipol nano-acrylate glazes. Thanks to its composition, Mixol dyes can be applied on any mineral base, offering a much more realistic range of colors than products from other systems.

EST-26 Multilite mineral silicate comes with colors already prepared at the factory or colors can be prepared with Mixol dyes. Thanks to its composition it penetrates into the mortar which causes a totally mineral and natural color without creating surface glazes, making it breathable.

EST-Monocrom, is a mineral silicate that penetrates into the mineral base, it differs from EST-26 Multilite in that it produces more intense colors, but with a breathable and mineral finish.

And the EST-Multipol nano-acrylate glaze, when in contact with the mortar, produces a fully breathable glaze, which produces a range of colors different from those of mineral silicate. It can be applied with the factory colors, or make colors to your liking by mixing it with Mixol dyes.

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