Additives to improve the qualities of thixotropic mortars

The additives of the ESTone.tex System improve the qualities of ESTone.tex mortars. To provide the mortar with greater plasticity and mineralization, we will use the EST-26 Multilite mineral silicate and to give the EST-19 EPS resin greater hardness. In the case of some mortars, they must necessarily be mixed with additives to promote their manageability and resistance to wear.

The mineral silicate EST-26 Multilite, thanks to its composition, favors the anchorage of the mortar in mineral bases, and the handling of the biker; in addition to improving their physical qualities. In the case of ESTone.tex Restaura, a mixture of 1 part of EST-26 Multilite for 6 parts of water must be made. And in the ESTone.tex Extreme one part of EST-26 Multilite for 5 parts of water.

The EST-19 EPS acrylic polyurethane resin improves the physical qualities of the mortar, providing it with greater hardness and wear resistance. With ESTone.tex Restaura we can make different solutions depending on the hardness that you want to give to the mortar. The solution can range from 1 part EST-19 EPS for three parts water, to 1 part EST-19 Eps for one part water. With the mixture of the resin and the ESTone.tex Restaura mortar, we would obtain the ESTone.tex-ForteMix thin-layer mortar.

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