Waterproofing for mortars, pavements, microcements, natural stone

Waterproofing, applying a good waterproofing is very important to ensure the protection of the work done. That is why in the ESTone.tex System we have state-of-the-art oil repellent, which thanks to its technology avoids problems of humidity, filtrations, and the proliferation of nitrate and microorganisms.

EST-3 Plus is an oil repellent, oil repellent, with great penetrating power and breathability, and resistance to alkalinity. It can be applied on all types of lime mortars, txt mortars, monolayers, plasters and even on natural stone. So, apart from being a high quality product, it is versatile, since it can be applied in thematizations, coatings or plasters. Thanks to its penetrating power, it works by removing or introducing it according to the needs of the mortar, temperature, humidity and other factors. What prevents future problems of proliferation of fungi, algae, saltpeter, etc.

EST-7 is a state-of-the-art water repellent, highly breathable. Thanks to its concentrated consolidating power, it penetrates into the base and protects it from humidity, inclement weather and the proliferation of salts and microorganisms. Ideal for Restoration of Historical Heritage.

EST-7 Nano Tane, concentrated hybrid protective water repellent. Prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and salts, friction wear and dirt adhesion.

EST-Multilithium, lithium silicate mineral consolidant for absorbent mineral bases. Ideal for Restoration of Historical Heritage and bioconstruction.

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