Plaster and mortar spraying machines

Composed of the UP-SIRIUS PLUS spraying machine and the 3 and 4 outlet plastering machines.

The UP-SIRIUS Plus single-phase machine, 230 V and 4.2 kW of power, can project a large quantity of materials both bagged and wet, which makes it one of the most versatile machines on the market. Thematic mortar, lime mortars, monolayers and plasters, plasters, self-leveling can be projected; and previously mashed or added materials. In addition, it disassembles quickly, it is very light and very easy to clean, which makes its handling very comfortable.

The 4-outlet plastering machine can spray all types of mortars and plasters, so large jobs can be done without the need for personnel.

The 3-outlet plastering machine includes a plate to leave a free hole, which allows stone grouting or heritage restorations much faster than manually.

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