Macs Oxystrip stripper for epoxy and...

Macs Oxystrip stripper for epoxy and polyurethanes

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Deep gel stripper to strip several layers at the same time. Strips paints, lacquers, glues, enamels, antifoulings, varnishes and 2-component coatings. For use in industry, facades, restoration, civil works, the nautical sector, workshops, boilermaking, maintenance, etc.


-macs Oxystrip is a gel stripper that combines active oxygen, organic acids and alcohols. macs Oxystrip stripper is free of chlorinated hydrocarbons, dichloromethane, aromatic hydrocarbons and paraffin, and is not corrosive to the skin.


-Plastic container of 5L and 10L.


-Especially suitable for removing paints on metal or waterproof paint systems on hard bases such as concrete or similar. Dissolves and removes polyurethane and 2-component systems, alkyd resin, acrylate, epoxy resin and powder paints, antifoulings and also 1-component paints with exceptional speed. It is used in a large number of sectors such as facades, civil works, industry in general, nautical, etc.


-It has a performance approx. from 0.5 to 4 m²/l. and its consumption is highly variable depending on the layers and the product to be stripped. As a guide, the minimum consumption factor of 1 to 1.4 should be used, that is, if you want to strip 100 microns dry, apply at least 100-140 microns of macs Oxystrip, depending on the type and condition of the paint. to pickle


-Suitable for aluminium, titanium, cast iron, low carbon steel. Also suitable for acid-resistant mineral bases.

-Technical limits: Magnesium and steels with high carbon content as well as limestone, marble, or similar, plastics with plasticizers.

Recommendations for use:

-Do not apply on icy surfaces or surfaces at risk of snowfall in the 24 hours following the application of the product.

-It is not recommended to apply it in areas where it touches the sun a lot.

-Once macs Oxystrip has been applied, and its function has been carried out, it is recommended to carry out a gentle cleaning with the FK-12 detergent cleaner. For further details, consult the technical data sheet and/or application guides, and the safety data sheet.

How to use:

-Protect all surfaces that should not be treated. Before applying macs Oxystrip, the product must be stirred mechanically until it has a homogeneous consistency. Try above all a saturated application of the product. In the case of very thick layers of paint, scratch loose layers first and then apply macs Oxystrip. Apply the stripper evenly with an airless device. Especially on large surfaces, to optimize consumption and speed up the process, we recommend covering the stripper after application by adhering a plastic film on top with a roller without pressing lightly. Leave to act in general between 1 and up to 24 hours. After 1 hour, carry out tests with a spatula to determine when the stripper has effectively reached the base, since that will be the ideal time to first remove the bulk of the stripper with trowels and spatulas, and then rinse with pressurized water ( preferably hot), always from bottom to top.


-In the original closed container, in a cool place protected from frost and for a maximum of 24 months.

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