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Transparent anti-graffiti protector for absorbent mineral bases. Composition based on C6 fluorinated water-repellents and oil-repellents, modified to create a breathable non-stick protection against graffiti.



-It is an aqueous protection based on water-repellents and oil-repellents with modifications of fluorinated compounds designed to create a breathable non-stick protection against graffiti. Fluorosil Classic is deposited in the capillaries of the pores of the mineral base, and thanks to its water-repellent and oil-repellent function, it protects against degradation and the penetration of rainwater, dirt and pollution, while preventing the good adhesion of the graffiti.


-Plastic container of 1L, 5L and 10L.


-Colorless, water-repellent and oil-repellent anti-graffiti protection with absorbent mineral bases. Especially suitable for concrete, brick, stone or other resistant absorbent mineral bases such as bricks. It can be applied on bridges, facades, buildings, walls, etc. It can be applied, but with limitations, on absorbent mineral bases of low consistency, such as sandstone.


-It has a yield of between 2 to 6 m2 with an approximate consumption of 150 - 500 ml/m2.


-Graffiti can be removed on surfaces protected with Fluorosil Classic macs with hot pressurized water repeatedly.

-If too much Fluorosil is applied, tears or thick drops can form that when dry are whitish. It is possible to eliminate them by washing them in time with very hot water or a special solvent.

Recommendations for use:

-Do not apply on icy surfaces or surfaces at risk of snowfall in the 24 hours following the application of the product.

-The surface to be treated must be between 5 and 25 ºC.

-Once the product has been applied, the surface must be protected from rain within 5 hours of application.

How to use:

-Protect well all surfaces that should not be treated or splashed. Fluorosil Classic is ready to apply and should not be diluted. Before opening the container, shake it vigorously to obtain a homogeneous liquid. After properly preparing the base and on dry bases, Fluorosil Classic can be applied with an Airless gun, brush or roller. It should be applied from the bottom up to prevent the material from running off and leaving marks. The first coat will be given abundantly, without the material dripping. On the slightly damp base the 2nd coat is applied. These are applied relatively often working on wet. The intervals are governed by the absorption capacity of the base and the temperature of the object, so they can vary a lot: between 10 minutes and 1 - 2 hours.


-In the original closed container, in a cool place protected from frost and for a maximum of 12 months.

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