EST-S Imprimer bonding resin
Silica binding bridge
EST-S Imprimer bonding resin
Silica binding bridge

EST-S Imprimer

VAT excluded

Adherent bonding bridge based on synthetic resins, siliceous mineral fillers, and organic and inorganic additives. For concrete supports, formwork, floors with residues, coatings, etc.



One-component adhesive bonding bridge to improve the adherence of mortars on smooth supports and / or without absorption.


-Available in packages of 5kg and 15kg.


-Apply with a roller on the surface to be worked.


-Ideal for surfaces with little adherence such as formwork, coatings, floors with residues or cement-based supports.

-The surface must be clean and dry.


-Although the product is already in use, it can be mixed with water to apply it better.

Recommendations for use:

-Do not apply below 5ºC or above 35ºC.

-Do not subsequently apply a very large load of material, but have not put on a first coat with mesh.

How to use:

-Apply the desired material on the union bridge after its total drying, it can range from 1h to 24h depending on the weather.

-Apply the material on the bonding bridge after more than 48 hours.

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