Lime gel concentrate

Gel de cal

VAT excluded

Concrete lime gel, better the physical qualities of the mortars, giving it greater plasticity, regulating the flow of water and preventing micro-cracks. Highly recommended in grouting and masonry work.


Concentrated lime gel for mortars to replace lime, improves the qualities of the mortar, obtained greater plasticity, eliminating the risk of dilation and fissures.


-Available 2L containers.


-Replaces lime in preparation of cementitious mortars.

Recommendations for use:

-Apply in the grouting mortar, to facilitate its handling and application with the pastry bag.

-In masonry work, it improves the handling and resistance of the mortar.

How to use:

-Dilute in the mixing water 100 ml - 150 ml of lime gel for every 100 kg of mixture.

Data Sheet

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