EST-Release agent


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Liquid EST-Release agent based on mineral oils that is applied to the silicone, resin or PVC molds of the ESTone.tex System to avoid adhesion with the applied mortars.


Liquid release agent for silicone, resin or PVC molds to prevent the mortar from sticking to the molds.


-The standard container is 5 L.


-The most recommended is to use it with a spray, although it can also be used with a brush or brush.


-The molds where the mold release agent is to be sprayed must be dry and clean.


-After the mold sprayed with release agent is used in the mortar (or any other material), the release agent does not prevent the EST-Decor pads from attaching to the mortar.

Recommendations for use:

-Apply on the mold or utensil to be used, and not on the mortar, as it may cause other products not to adhere properly.

-It should not be diluted in water.

How to use:

-Spray or apply on the mold, and not on the mortar. After use, clean the mold.

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