4 way mortar sprayer

Mortar sprayer machine 4 way

VAT excluded

4-way mortar sprayer for spraying mortars or plasters on all types of surfaces.


-The mortar sprayers are used to spray mortar on all types of surfaces. Using the mortar sprayer saves significant time on site and no material is wasted. A specialized person is not needed for its use.

-The mortar sprayer connected to the compressor and loaded with mixture, manage to apply the projection at a speed and adherence impossible to achieve with manual projection.

-Also allow the projection simulating stone or brick more economically, with a yield of 60 m2 per hour with a thickness of 1 cm.

-Good and fast cleaning, easy maintenance.

-The mortar sprayer should preferably be used with single-phase 220V 3hp belt or continuous air compressors, minimum recommended air output 380 l / min.


-They can be used to make fine plaster coatings, thick plaster, interior walls, facades, party walls, ceilings, etc.

-To grout with all kinds of sand mixed with cements, mortars, plasters, lime, clay and others, in stone walls, brick etc ... .. Great filling capacity.

-With its application, a performance similar to that of 3 people is achieved, in addition to greatly speeding up work, much more material is saved than projecting it by hand.

-A smooth upward movement is recommended when applying the mortar srpayer to get the most out of plaster.

Maintenance and cleaning:

-Immerge the plaster in water and press the trigger several times during work.

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