Generator Ayerbe AY - 19000 V MN A /...
Generator Ayerbe AY - 19000 V MN A /...

Generator Ayerbe AY - 19000 V MN A / E 230V

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Single-phase gasoline generator Ayerbe AY - 19000 V MN A / E 230V with electric start with VANGUARD of 627 cc.

Ideal for single-phase spraying machines such as the UP-SIRIUS Plus, and all kinds of tools: mixers, radials, polishers, grinders, concrete mixers, electric screwdrivers, cutters, etc ...

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-Dimensions: 1050 (length) x 760 (width) x 860 (height) mm

-Weight: 140 kg

-Electrical start.

-Overload protector thanks to a thermal breaker, thus avoiding possible breakdowns.

-Easy transport and handling, 2 fixed wheels.

-Alternator LINZ E1S13M D / 2.

-It has 3 single-phase outlets.

-25L fuel tank, with an autonomy of 3.9 L / H (75%), thanks to its great autonomy, it allows to work without having to carry out as many refueling as in other generators.

-Autonomy to 75% of 7 hours.

- Not available with soundproof booth.

-Maximum power: 19,000 KVA - 15,000 W

-Rated power: 17,000 KVA - 14,000 W

-RPM: 300 rpm

-Voltage and frequency: 230 V - 50 Hz

-Power factor: Cos phi 0.8

-Sound level: 99LwA / 76LpA

-Reference Ayerbe: 5418030

-Made in Spain.



-Rated power: 31 hp

-Displacement: 627 cm3

-Air cooling system.

-Motor oil and capacity: 20W 40, 1.7 L capacity.

-Natural aspiration.

-Engine RPM: 3600 rpm

-Engine regulator: mechanical.

-Fuel: gasoline.



-Without brushes.

-Insulation: class H.

-IP 23 protection.

-Excitation system: brushless self-excited.

-Tolerance: + -5%

- 2 poles.

-Voltage and frequency: 230 V - 50 Hz


-Generator The most suitable for single-phase mortar or plaster spraying machines (230V).

-Machinery such as concrete mixers, mixers, mixers, grinders, polishers, cutting saws, drills, screwdrivers, light bulbs, etc.


-Highly recommended to carry out proper maintenance, with special emphasis on the level of lubricating oil and gasoline.

-Change the oil when required.

-Keep the air and oil filters, the spark plugs and the spark arrester clean.

-It is recommended to clean the outside of the generator, taking care with the electrical parts.

-Cover it well whenever it rains or in case of unfavorable environmental phenomena, such as hail, snow or strong wind.

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