mortar spraying machine
plastering machine
three-phase mortar spraying machine
mortar and plaster spraying machine price
three-phase mortar spraying machine
mortar spraying machine
plastering machine
three-phase mortar spraying machine
mortar and plaster spraying machine price
three-phase mortar spraying machine

UP-SIRIUS Plus 400V mortar spraying machine

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UP-SIRIUS PLUS is one of the best three-phase (400 V) spraying machines on the market, thanks to its size it is very convenient to transport, and it can be disassembled in seconds. Suitable for projection of mortars and plasters both wet and powdery.


-The UP-SIRIUS Plus three-phase spraying machine is one of the best spraying machines, thanks to its easy handling and its ability to spray bagged and additive mortars or plasters.

-It has a 5.5 kW motor, which allows projecting thixotropic mortars (such as those of the ESTonetex System), plasters, self-leveling, single-layer and rendering mortars, ETICS system mortars, lime mortars, adhesive mortars, etc. In other words, a large number of different materials can be projected.

-Its cleaning is very simple thanks to its system (EASY CLEAN), which allows you to have the machine and the hoses in 10-15 minutes.

-Thanks to its variable flow rate, it allows to regulate the turning speed of the mixer, making us adapt to different materials and types of work.

-Dismountable in seconds, the machine can be disassembled into three parts: electrical panel, hopper, and motor. This allows the machine to be moved to floors, basements, lofts and other hard-to-reach places without machinery.

-The total weight is 161 kg, which allows it to be easily moved between two people.

-The Reverse function allows the mixer to be turned in the opposite direction, this avoids jams and having to clean the machine in its entirety every time it clogs.

-In addition, additive or previously mixed mortars can be sprayed by pressing the Pump button and without connecting the machine to a water source. The material is poured directly into the hopper, always emphasizing that no contaminating remains fall inside.

-The machine includes 10 meter DN25 product hose, 11 meter air hose, worm pump and rotor, spray lance, cleaning tools and CE documentation.


Voltage: 400/3/N/PE/50 Hz

Rated power: 6.8 KW

Fuse system: 25 A

Geared motor: 5.5 kW

Water pump: 400v / 50 Hz

Compressor: Delta

Flow: 7 to 35 l / min

Maximum span: 4 mm


-The UP-SIRIUS PLUS is a three-phase spraying machine suitable for spraying both dry mortars and wet pre-mixed mortars. The quick removal of the worm pump is one feature that makes the UP-SIRIUS PLUS a pleasure to work with.

-For the realization of walls, ceilings, facades, baseboards, floors, swimming pools, iron structures, polystyrene or fiberglass mesh.

-Because it is light and can be disassembled in less than 1 minute, it can be transported without problem, so you can access basements, floors, attics and other places that are difficult to access. No need to use more than 15 meters of hose or 50 meters of cable as with the rest of the projection machines.

Cleaning and maintenance:

-Very easy to clean, and does not require tools or special products for maintenance.

-After using the machine, you must clean with water the remains of material that remain inside the machine, clean the machine with water and pass the ball to it. It is highly recommended to clean the water filter daily and disassemble the jacket to remove the material that remains stuck in the bowl.

Contact us to get the User Manual.

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