power float rev-4 eco
mortar power float
manual power float for mortar
power float rev-4 eco
mortar power float
manual power float for mortar

Power float Rev-4 ECO

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Rev-4 ECO manual power float to smooth surfaces rendered with mortar.


-Rev-4 ECO 230V electric trowel, includes a brown sponge of medium hardness, the support for ceilings and the storage case.

-It has a small water tank connected to the hose, which allows the mortar to be hydrated.

-Adjustable turning speed, allows to adapt to different finishes.

-Allows for large footage on vertical surfaces, ceilings or floors.

-Sponges of 400 mm diameter or couplings can be placed to scrape the mortar.

-Made in Italy.


-Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 450 mm

-Weight: 35 kg

-Plate: 400mm

-Type of current: 230V - 50 Hz

-Power: 0.5KW

-Deposit capacity: 5L


-To smooth and equalize surfaces coated with mortar or plaster.

-For fine, coarse or scraped finishes.

-No specialized labor is required.

-Suitable for plastering mortars, monolayer mortar, lime mortars, plaster, etc.

-Prior to its use, apply the material either by hand or machine and smooth it as best as possible. And then use the trowel to perform the desired finish.

Cleaning and maintenance:

-Very easy to clean, it does not require tools or special products for its maintenance.

-Clean the sponges well after use.

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