mesh for concrete screeds
fiberglass mesh
concrete mesh
mesh for concrete screeds
fiberglass mesh
concrete mesh

Fiberglass mesh 145 gr for screeds Regarsa

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Fiberglass mesh of 145g / m2 anti-cracking for reinforcement of all types of mortars and concrete both indoors and outdoors. Highly recommended for all types of pavements, floors, or screeds. Prevents the appearance of fissures and cracks.


-Glass fiber mesh to reinforce floors, concretes and screeds, to prevent the appearance of fissures or cracks. It has great adhesion, alkali resistant and is non-corrosive.

-It does not produce dilatations so it is much more recommended and easier to place than the mesh of corrugated iron rod.


-50 m2 fiberglass mesh of 145g / m2 - 40 x 40 mm.


-Place in the middle of the concrete when it is still tender or pouring.


-They are suitable for any type of mortar and concrete.

Recommendations for use:

-It is advisable to previously cut the meshes to place them more easily.

How to use:

-Place the mesh on the first layer of material and cover it completely.

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