Plastic mesh
5mm plastic mesh
Plastic mesh
5mm plastic mesh

Plastic mesh 5 mm

VAT excluded

Plastic mesh of 5x5 mm of plastic for the creation of structures for later covering with mortar. Replacing the galvanic mesh, avoiding oxidation and expansion problems. It prevents the appearance of fissures and cracks, and improves the adherence of the mortar.


Plastic mesh to prevent the appearance of fissures or cracks in structures. It has a great adhesion, resistant to alkalis and is not corrosive. It avoids oxidation and expansion problems caused by the galvanic mesh, in addition to its easier placement.


-Plastic mesh of 25 m2 of 5x5 mm.


-Apply a first layer of mortar, let it dry, and then apply another layer with the desired load.


-They are suitable for any type of mortar, cementitious mortar, lime mortar, mortar for theming, etc.

Recommendations for use:

-It is recommended to pre-cut the meshes to place them more easily.

How to use:

-Place the mesh on the structure, apply a first coat of mortar, and when it has dried, apply the second coat with the required load.

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