Fiberglass Veil Roll
Fiberglass veil
Fiberglass Veil Roll
Fiberglass veil

Fiberglass veil 30 gr Regarsa

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Fiberglass veil of 30 gr/m2 for the reinforcement in waterproofing terraces, flat or irregular surfaces, swimming pools, roofs, vertical walls, etc. Prevents the appearance of cracks, fissures and water seepage.


Roll of fiberglass veil of 30 gr / m2 to prevent the appearance of fissures, cracks and water seepage. It has strong adhesion, alkali resistant, and is non-corrosive.


-Glass fiber veil 50 m2 of 30 gr / m2 Regarsa.

-Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 100 cm and 2 kg.


-Cut a strip of veil, apply to the veil adhesive and put on top of the adhesive. Pass a spatula and remove any air bubbles that remain inside.


-They are suitable for reinforcing waterproofing of swimming pools, roofs, flat or irregular surfaces, vertical walls, terraces, etc.

Recommendations for use:

-It is advisable to previously cut the veil to place them more easily.

How to use:

-Place the veil, apply the veil glue, apply it on top of the glue and remove any air bubbles that remain inside.


-Keep in a dry place that does not have direct contact with the sun.

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