Mixol Gray Stone Oxide Dyes

Oxide Stone Grey Mixol dyes (24)

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Mixol dye mineral pigments, for pigmentation of mineral bases, performs much more realistic pigmentation than other acrylic pigments or plastic paints. They are breathable and with a totally mineral finish color, can be mixed with EST-26 Multilite mineral silicate, EST-Multipol or EST-Monocrom mineral silicate or other mineral bases. Suitable for indoor and outdoor work.



Mixol gray stone oxide dyes (24), for pigmenting or tinting mineral bases such as thematic mortars, lime mortars, plastic paints, enamels, microcement, enamels, etc.

It is applied in a proportion of 2% Mixol per 1 L of mixture (20 ml), up to a maximum of 4% Mixol per 1L of mixture (40 ml).


-They are available in 200 ml and 500 ml containers.


-Suitable for mixing with EST-26 MultiliteEST-MultiPol and EST-Monocrom mineral silicate.

-It can also be mixed with water, paints or lacquers to pigment other elements, such as microcement, wood or other coatings.


-The base to be pigmented or painted must be dry and clean.


-The final color of the pigment is observed when drying has been completed. Depending on the weather it can be from 2 to 3 days.

Recommendations for use:

-Carry out a color and drying test before applying.

How to use:

-Mix with EST-26 Multilite, EST-MultiPolEST-Monocrom or other material, and apply with EST-Spray, or with a brush, depending on the job.

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