EST-Monocrom mineral glaze
Pigmentation with EST-Monocrom
EST-Monocrom mineral glaze
Pigmentation with EST-Monocrom


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EST-Monocrom mineral glazes for pigmentation of mineral bases, great penetration power by silification with chemical anchoring. Breathable and highly recommended for restoration of historical heritage and restoration of facades.


EST-Monocrom mineral glazes for pigmentation of mineral bases, breathable and with great consolidating and penetrating power at the base. Mix Mixol dyes with the mineral pigments to achieve the desired color.


-The standard container is 5L and 10 L.

-Available colorless or white, although on request the desired color can be ordered.


-Specially designed for its exclusive use in mineral bases since EST-Monocrom becomes part of the substrate, thanks to its petrification process by silicification with chemical anchoring, becoming the same body, insoluble in water, but highly breathable as that human skin. So it is highly recommended for Restoration of Historical Heritage.


-The most recommended is to use it with a spray, although it can also be used with a brush.

-It already comes to use, so it does not have to be diluted in water.


-The base where you intend to use, must be clean and dry.


-Its use is highly recommended in Restoration of Historical Heritage, since thanks to its penetration by silicification it does not produce surface layers and therefore unifies pigments and color tone; with a mineral matte finish.

Recommendations for use:

-Do not apply on frozen surfaces or at risk of snowfall in the 24 hours following the application of the product.

-It is not recommended to apply it in areas where the sun touches a lot.

How to use:

-It can be mixed with Mixol Dyes to obtain the desired color or use the factory color.

-It is highly recommended to remove the carafe before introducing the liquid in the EST-Sprayer, and use a funnel with filter to avoid problems in its application.

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