Anti-fissure mesh and plastic mesh for mortar, plaster, etc.

Mesh, they are very important element when making any coating, plaster or thematization, because if the mesh is applied between layers, we greatly reduce the risk of cracks, breaks and other problems. Therefore, it is recommended to always apply it in all possible jobs. Anti-cracking meshes and plastic meshes suitable for all types of materials, txt mortar, lime mortars, monolayers, plaster, microcement, etc.

Anti-fissure meshes, whether 110g / m2 or 160g / m2, must be applied between coats. In thinner coat work it is recommended to apply the 160g / m2 mesh as it is finer, in plasters, microcements, EPS thematization, etc. And for the rest of the work, the 110g / m2 mesh, themed work with single-layer coatings, lime mortar, plastering, etc.

And the plastic mesh, it is recommended to apply it to iron structures, instead of using galvanic mesh. Since it suffers dilations, which causes fissures and detachments of the mortar. Using plastic mesh avoids these problems, as well as being easier to install and lighter.

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