Thixotropic mortars for theming and restoration of heritage

Estone.tex System txt / thixotropic / mouldable and molding theming mortars, the best themed mortars. We have different mortars to carry out all kinds of themes, adapting to the most demanding conditions.

 Composed of ESTone.tex Expanded mortar, for vertical thematization of interior and exterior surfaces. Ideal for making stone, rock, brick, log and wood reproductions. It can be applied to facades, warehouses, walls, anmd many more; the ideal mortar for theming.

ESTone.tex Restaura, to carry out restoration works of historical heritage or rehabilitation of facades or sculptures.

ESTone.tex Extreme, special for themed waterfalls, aquariums or rock. Thanks to its extreme hardness it supports water wear, it is highly recommended to apply it in areas that are in continuous contact with water or in immersion.

ESTone.tex-ForteMix, latest generation mortar to apply in thin layer on polystyrene. It allows an application of 2 to 15 mm, offering great hardness and is applied directly on the polystyrene. It can be applied in expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), polystyrene and foam of any density.

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