EST-Multipol nano acrylate glaze

EST-Multipol Transparent

VAT excluded

100% pure nano acrylates and nanopolyester glaze, breathable and solvent-free. For pigmentation and tinting, with great consolidating power, and penetrating mineral bases.



Nano polyester glazes and 100% pure acrylates, breathable and with a great penetrating power on mineral bases. For pigmentation or tinting in theming and decoration.


-The standard container is 1, 5 and 10 L, colorless to mix with Mixol dyes.


-EST-MultiPol is a special insulator if used in its pure state, or a consolidating primer if it is used in solution with water. Made of 100% pure acrylates and nanopolyester, breathable, solvent-free.

-Weather resistant, odor neutral, easy to apply, with excellent adhesion on almost all types of surfaces, it does not swell or flake. It has excellent insulating and consolidating qualities.

-Has to be mixed with Mixol mineral pigments to obtain the desired color.


-It is most recommended to use it with EST Sprayer, although it can also be used with a brush or brush.


-The base where it is intended to be used must be clean and dry.

Recommendations for use:

-Do not apply on frozen surfaces or with risk of snowfall in the 24 hours following the application of the product.

-It is not recommended to apply it in areas where the sun touches a lot.

How to use:

-Remove the bottle, introduce the liquid into the sprayer using the filter funnel.

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