EST-3 Plus water-repellent liquid

EST-3 Plus

VAT excluded

Water-repellent oil-retardant liquid concentrated for mineral bases such as mortars, natural stone, flooring, exterior cladding, facades, etc. It prevents the appearance of salts, microorganisms, verdín, and fungi.


Water-repellent for absorbent mineral bases, such as thematic mortars, lime and cementitious mortars, lime stucco, flooring, etc. Applicable on facades, ceilings, interior and exterior cladding, floors, etc.

It must be applied with a solution of one part of EST-3 Plus for 14 parts of water, and in works that are in continuous contact with water or immersion, one part of EST-3 Plus and 6 parts of water.


-Available in 1L, 5L and 10L containers.


-New generation oleoretardant hydrophobic mineral concentrate, with great penetrating power and great resistance to alkalinity.


-The most recommended is to use a sprayer, since in this way it penetrates the entire surface, although if the surface is very small and very difficult to adhere to, a brush can be used.


-The surface must be completely dry and clean.


-The liquid has a milky color, but its finish is colorless.

Recommendations for use:

-It is recommended not to apply it in areas where the sun touches a lot.

-The second coat must be applied before the first coat dries, since then it may not penetrate.

How to use:

-The mixture to be made is 1 part of product per 14 parts of water, for all kinds of vertical theming work, EPS work and stone, rock, brick, wood and log theming.

-And for works that are in contact with water or immersion, a mixture of 1 part of product for 6 of water must be made.

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